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Art Installation Videos

Haunting rocking chair art installation
Cybernetic humanoid robot art sculpture

Sound Installation Videos

Sound art Installation Brunel Thames Tunnel
Sound and art installation The House of Detention Victorian prison


A series of Interviews with artist Jane Webb

Events curated by Jane Webb

Illumini Crypt-mas Event curated by Jane Webb
Illumini Presents Dickensian haunting’s curated by Jane Webb
Illumini presents secret subterranean London curated by Jane Webb
With thanks to Guilford Ghosts for this video and review. Having provided some archive material for this event, I joined the 200 metre long queue, four people deep, and instantly got taken inside after identifying myself. Most jammy! The event took place in the cellars of Shoreditch Town Hall, so not many people go down there. It was full of people and bizarre installations all over the place. Very extensive and… free! A smashing example of artists pulling together to create a non-profit event, and very successfully.
Electro-Late commissioned by Museum of London curated by Jane webb
This film was taken by one of our visitors, Daniel Louw.
We would like to thank Daniel for the use of the movie.
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