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Info for Illumini Presents Crypt-mas

Illumini’s Crypt-mas experience was a huge success it featured in many publications, gained radio and TV coverage and attracted film crews during the event. Our regular Illumini visitors named this the best event yet!

Illumini Crypt-mas light event by Jane Webb

Illumini stayed open through extreme weather conditions, with snow and ice and temperatures well below zero, to not only entertain people on the opening night outside, but also invite you to an alternative Christmas grotto. Unfortunately, London came to a standstill; a lot of public buildings like museums, libraries and other public venues, actually shut during these extreme conditions. We opened our doors to the homeless and people stranded by public transport or queuing for hours for trains home, offering a warm drink and to enjoy the event .

Illumini stayed open and managed to still attract 7,002 visitors. We would like to thank our visitors that came out in extreme conditions and struggled with terrible delays and closure to transport links. Thank you for your support. Also a big thank you to all performers and artists that worked in extreme cold conditions to put on this free community event.

Christmas robot sci fi art by Jane Webb

Illumini Crypt-mas Artists


 ‘Father Crypt-mas’
To answer the age-old question, how does Father Christmas do all that work in one night?Illumini Father Crypt-mas is a time travelling android that travels through the fabric of time and space in nano seconds. Once he became too old to do so, an aging Father Christmas created the Cyborg to help produce and deliver gifts for every child in the world. Father Crypt-mas is immortal he will never age or tire. He will continue to bring the magic of Christmas forever more.


With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St Nick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name! Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! on Donner and Blitzen! Decapitated, stuffed and hung on a wall……
…now what Christmas would be complete without a reference to reindeer?


‘Giant Glow Worm’
Glow worms start to glow as it gets dark, usually in the summer time, but this is a giant festive specimen for Christmas 8 metres long! Their glow lasts for several hours and is as bright as LED lights, pulsing gently like this installation, in a skin-like casing.


‘Christmas Morning ‘
With a huge bubble in a bed of reflective wrapping, this colour changing installation invokes the magic of Christmas morning with rich hues and reflective materials. The fireside tones contrast with the clammy darkness of the space creating a feeling of warmth and security; but what is lurking in the hole…


‘ Gloria in excelsis Deo’
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. This painting is an impression of the night sky filled with a multitude of angels, a swirling vortex of praise and Christmas celebration. The painting is made from layers of translucent resin and illuminated from behind.


‘Restricted View Winter’
Restricted View (winter) invites the viewer to look beyond the drab un-romanticised reality of an urban winters’ day to discover a fantasy winter wonderland Conjured from the collective subconscious, images from Christmas cards, advertising media, films and fiction are cobbled together to create a world that exists only in the imagination.


Christmas is a crazy time of year, with the flurry and hurry and frantic rush. Crackers is how you can feel! But crackers are also the sparkle in the Christmas lunch, the paper hats and the snap of the bang makes the meal a special occasion. These Cracker Lights try to capture the sense of fun and delight of the Christmas Cracker.


‘Slow Shutter’
Light painting as a photographic technique has existed for many years. 1935 saw Man Ray scrawling his signature in the air with an electric torch, and Gjon Mili famously captured Pablo Picasso sketching a light centaur in 1949.


‘Crypt-mas Fairy’
Today the fairies, like the forests are few; and the children of human tribes many. Most children no longer have the opportunity to visit the fairies in their forests, but those of us who still believe provide a small evergreen tree in which they might dwell on Christmas Eve.


‘ All the Trimmings!’
The flowers associated with Christmas are familiar adornments for decoration, Poinsettia, Holly, Ivy, Christmas roses, all picked, preened, displayed and arranged. In their natural state, these are in fact unassuming seasonal bushes, weeds and shrubs. Yet their very humble nature is what gives rise to their symbolic significance; the holly denoting domestic unity, the ivy resonant of friendship and fidelity. The poinsettia native to Mexico has its own Christmas legend where a poor little girl picks the weedy shrub as the only gift she can give, whereupon it transforms into a beautiful red flower.

GENETIC MOO (Nicola Schauerman & Tim Pickup)

‘Sea Angel’
Sea Angel offers an alternative aquatic angel for Christmas. In its usual habitat Sea Angels (or Clionidae) are small gelatinous swimming sea slugs. Here, the creature can be comforting but beware it has a sting in its tail and if upset will kick up a storm. The Crypt is the perfect setting for this subterranean phantom.


‘Quadron’ &’Terrafleur’
Terrafleur (illustrated), a colour changing, shape morphing, ceramic sculpture that gives a new meaning to Christmas lights.

Oranges and spices are the inspiration for Quadron. Like a glowing quartered orange, if one peers through the silhouetted, cut out sides, rich colours and textures reminiscent of those found in the lands of the spices are revealed.


‘Advent’ is an interactive advent calendar. The audience is invited to touch the projected calendar to reveal the flip side of the goodwill season


‘Christmas Lights Box’
Shadows, shapes and spirals of slowly evolving colours project silhouettes of abstract and seasonal images. A display of individual Light Boxes of differing shapes and sizes showing swirling, expanding and amorphous colours and forms.


Taz Lovejoy’s, Orbs, is a collection of assemblages that is constructed on the basis of Christmas baubles, drawing similarities to organic structures and wintertime’s festivities. In this installation Taz utilizes mass-produced, found objects to create spheres that harness colours and light to create an immersive environment within the crypt.


‘Christmas Present’
Displayed as a Christmas present, with ribbon made from recycled plastic bags, these photograms explore presence and absence. What do you do with the multitude of carrier bags discarded from your Christmas shopping? The images themselves are haunting and ethereal, and bring to life the spirit of Christmas – past present and future.


‘ Plastic Fantastic’
The vibrant and luminous nature of these sculptures may recall the bright decorative lights displayed throughout Christmas. Kitsch, garish, plastic fantastic…their ambiance illuminates the space in which they inhabit.


SDNA produces distinctive digital artwork. Our objective is to explore techniques of interaction within public spaces, using emerging technologies and unusual presentation media.Our interdisciplinary approach, integrating site-responsive installation and live performance, aims to widen the scope of digital art.
illumini was was honored to have SDNA create amazing projections on the building on the opening night for Crypt-mas

JOJO Taylor

‘The Watchers’
Because angels are so strongly represented in the imagery, narrative and music that surrounds us at Christmas, our focus and awareness of them is arguably more sharpened at this time of year than at any other. However, angels are believed or reputed to be around us all the time, in particular guardian angels, who stick with us from birth to death and offer protection and unconditional love. It is a fascination with a single aspect of their reputed role – their function as watchers – that informs the piece I have created. How closely are they watching us?


Nik Impressed Illumini, so much with his artistic skills of spray painting, he has been invited back. Nik will create scenic backdrops and furnishings for Illumini Crypt-mas.

These ice themed works, will transform the main entrance of Illumini into a winter wonderland..


“The science of snow” is an interactive exhibit that starts by illustrating how snowflakes form and ends with a unique snowflake postcard to take away.

By controlling environmental conditions, you grow a unique snowflake; its shape is a visual history of the journey from cloud to ground .

JANE WEBB (Founder/Curator)

Robot humanoid art by Jane webb
‘What’s the best Christmas present you ever had?’
Lying upstairs in bed, wondering what gift is under the Christmas tree…. Electronic noises coming from the box with the big ribbon, box burst open, there stands a full size robot, with flashing lights awaiting my command.The mission, exterminate the brussel sprouts, awaiting tomorrows Christmas dinner. It moves into the kitchen each foot shaking the floor. Zap!!! Mission accomplished. What’s that noise? sshhh someone’s coming. I am supposed to be asleep on Christmas Eve……zzzzz. zzz zz never got the Robot in the box, but the best gift I could ever have and still have, is imagination!

Illumini Crypt-mas Performance Artists


Chris Brown, an internationally renowned contact juggler. For Illumini he will amaze you with his juggling skills.


The Cambridge University Fire Troupe is a diverse community of individuals with a shared passion for fire. Originally established in 2004, it has greatly expanded since, and now includes 40-50 fire spinners from a variety of backgrounds ranging from dance to martial arts. 


‘Miss Havisham’
Catrin Osborne magically brings to life one of Dickens most inspired creations who went on to become one of the most loved characters in literature. Miss Haversham is a fully interactive experience, who can transport the public into her dust filled house of stopped clocks and spider infested cakes.


Divine Company produces memorable and high impact performances. Our costumes are designed, created and lovingly maintained using innovative techniques and beautiful materials from around the world. Our team of skilled costumiers is bursting with creativity and enthusiasm, constantly developing existing pieces and producing new work.


Kinetika has over 10 years experience in the design, production and performance of extraordinary shows that retain the essence of carnival whilst telling a story, working as a team of professional artists alongside young people.


A high coloratura soprano, I have sung with several opera companies mainly in and around London, although I have also sung extensively abroad. Currently musical director of Eclectic Opera with whom I perform and compose.


Lianne Baron  has worked within Manchesters arts, community & nightlife scene, & also completed an arts degree. She has spent many summers performing & teaching at festivals such as The Big Chill, Bestival & Boom in Portugal, & toured with No Fit State Circus. She now works as hoop teacher and performer, promoter & arts events manager.


VJ / Audio Visual Performance / Creative Video / Interactive Installations / Wearable Graffiti Projection

PRICKIMAGE’s irreverent work is full of fantasy, humor and intrigue. Shaun O’Connor the founder of Prickimage, works as a full time VJ and video artist at many of London’s major & underground club night’s and art spaces with a residency since Feb ’09 at FABRIC with WYS, monthly performances at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) .


STORM is a division of the West Yorkshire based dance company DIMENSION DANCE. STORM is made up of only a few members aged 16 – 25. STORM began in January 2010 and their first appearance was in front of a school of young children aged from 5 to 11. In April they entered their first competition UDO STREET DANCE OVER 18’S OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS, which they won. This further boosted the team’s confidence and they entered their next event, the national talent competition, Festival4stars. They won their heat, they then went onto win the Regional heat to which they qualified for the national finals. 


The Something Something Company is Leah Morgan and Kate Theodore. Their practice is based primarily on Bunrako puppetry and they have performed their shows throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Most recently they created Hunger for the Kuiperfest festival in north Spain and will be touring with the show and a number of new short pieces through the remainder of 2010 and into 2011.

Hunger was inspired by the great Jan Svankmajor’s short films. Svankmajor made a series of shorts on the subject of food in the late sixties early seventies and The Something Something Company have taken on some of his themes as starting points for their own recent work.


Wildfire Productions UK are an events entertainment company specialising in fire, glow and circus performance. Each of their shows draws from a large pool of highly talented performers, each with a unique set of skills and a signature spinning style, based on anything from bellydance to kung fu. This large team of talented performers means that Wildfire can provide high-quality, professional entertainment perfectly tailored to suit the scale and theme of every event.

Guests Comments for Illumini Crypt-mas

Wow best thing I have seen all year

A real winter wonderland with a difference

Illumini you create such unique interesting events

Opening night was like nothing I have seen before great performance and even real snow ha ha

That was great Thank You

Illumini is my best Christmas present ever its great can I stay forever

A unique and fascinating wonderland Excellent.

Illumini is so cool and thank Father Crypt-mas for my present, charles aged 8

Illumini you are on my Christmas card list for sure that was perfect

The best thing I have seen all year

So very different, great effort David Goss

A little bit of magic in the heart of London, thank you for the light !

Great Idea. Well done we enjoyed very much

An exhibition with art that is actually good, really liked the advent calendar, snow flake design and the christmas cracker . Thank You

Loved the Robots

This event was great I feel like a kid again playing with the interactive art work, have not had so much fun for so long

We loved it and so did the kids why cant more art events be like this. Illumini has created something so individual and really does create a event for everyone no matter what age.

Truly breathtaking

What an experience, something I will never forget

We all came from our xmas work party and had more fun here than at the party, we was in here ages, sorry but it was just so cool

Cant believe this was all free it was the best thing seen all year well worth a visit

Its nice to see a alternative creative event


Jane webb is a genius. Loved it!nAn exceptionally unique and wonderful take on christmas many thanks Beck x

Illumini really great worth a 2nd visit

Stunning use of space and the best thing I have seen all year

Very fun


Glad to see an event that is not overpriced and rubbish this was free and brilliant well done

Very Cool

We all had a great time even the children thank you

What a experience well done to all the artists and a happy Xmas and new year

More more more!! Excellent Event

Loved the Christmas Cracker

Loved it all my views of christmas has been, renewed and refreshed. Thank You

Gorgeous exhibition would love bigger writing for the statements though.

Chloe age 6- I love the coloer brite lites really pritty

Illumini Rocks the coolest art group around

Great venue and excellent art work

Total fun made a xmas card, snow flake, tree decoration, got a glow stick and a sweet from Santa Thank You Rob age 52

Most unusual, very different and very enjoyable

Interesting Venue and very well transformed

They’re all great

Has a scary feeling like your surrounded by dead people , great art work!

A wonderful alternative to commeralized Christmas Grottos ! Thank You and Merry Christmas

A beautiful and alternative christmas decoration!

A lovely Exhibit really enjoyed the interesting takes on xmas

Most amazing experience I have seen in ages

Great Exhibition lots of fun

I like the interactive ones best

Most Illuminating Crypto Santa & fairy totally Rock !! Metal in fact

I loved every single unique bit of it

No surprise that it was worth the insanely mad journey in the snow with public transport. Illumini you are always worth it. Thank you

Loved and thank you

Brilliant and loved it

Very interesting Thank You and a Merry Christmas

2nd visit just had to bring the family to experience this great event


Robo Santa Rocks

Spooky venue amazing art work

Beautiful put together, such fantastic imagination. I was not feeling in the Christmas mood, till I got here Thank You Illumini

Is Father Crypt-mas Single?

Creepy but cool

My mum kept talking about this event so much we bought her back again .She was totally embarrassing playing with the snow flake machine and advent calendar and I am sure she would of sat on santa’s knee if she could.

It was awesome

Thank you for my glow stick and present it was Brill .

Illumini that was the best Christmas Present you could give to London. Thank You for your hard work and sharing your imagination and creativity with us all.

Thank you Illumini for such a great Christmas present to London

Loved the snow flake machine.

Totally unique never seen before

All the art work was the best ever seen very rare you see an event where all the art work is great/

Came with the cubs we loved it all xxxx

Great atmosphere and friendly staff


Great event felt the stress of work full off my shoulders as soon as I entered the crypt. Thanx

Wow totally speechless!

This is much better than the Winter Wonderland at O2and it’s free!

I made my own snowflake to take home great idea

Not only was the exhibit amazing but the crew where really in the christmas spirit and great fun to talk to, thank you for helping the kids in the craft workshop and entertaining us all this christmas. Lloyds family x

Best fun I have had out in ages, great to see the arts with enjoyable and fun subject matters

You have done it again Jane Webb . Love the santa Think you should make a space ship for him for next year

We took the kids to see Father Crypt-mas and ended up enjoying the visit just as much would also like to say how great it was to see the main organizer of the event helping out giving glow sticks to the children and helping kids with making cards and the adults with the snow flake machine.

Well worth the trip out in the snow. Fantastic Thank You

That was amazing

Well done to all the Illumini organisers that was amazing and very well presented

Would never of gone to see an art exhibition normally, but this was amazing and would definitely come back again.

Thank You Father Crypt-ma’s for the presents.

A fantastic Free event that all the family enjoyed, loved the star lights

The best Grotto I have ever seen

Loved the giant baubles made from flower pots, what imagination!

How unusual to like everything at an art event. 1st Class job Well done

Never seen anything like it before. Had a great history lesson from what I thought was a volunteer ended up being the Founder of Illumini totally interesting event and individual.

I made the opening night and it was absolutely mind blowing, can back again to play on the snow flake machine ha ha

The grandchildren loved it and so did I amazing event

Excellent art such great imagination

Would love to buy it all great art work

Cant wait to see what event will be next they just get better and better

Just found out they were not funded for this why not? Have we stopped funding great imaginative projects and just fund rubbish. Come on funders Illumini creates something never seen before and we want more.

Friendly Welcome this is no exhibition but a total experience like you will never see again

My favorite was the cracker and the information on the walls about Christmas, most interesting

We liked the Robot Xmas present

Happy Xmas Illumini

Totally unique, Well done to the organiser been put together with such thought and imagination. Truly breath taking Thank You

Absolutely wonderful

What a change to have a event that everyone no matter what age can enjoy me 4 month old has not stopped smiling at all the lights and projections

Loved it , it was great

I enjoyed that so much Thank You


Lovely very enjoyable and very unique

That was great Fun

The best thing I have done in the last 12 months and free

Fun and unexpected

Everyone so friendly considering how cold they must of been Thank You for putting a smile on my family’s face after a very difficulty year. Happy New Year to you all at Illumini


Very interesting

Merry spooky

Illumini I really enjoyed the event an accetectic mix of great art and great ethos Jane Thanks x

loved the event amazing detail even the venue smelt of christmas

Santa Robot is so cool, Is he touring?

Interesting but weird

The whole family had a great time, what a amazing event never seen anything like it

I liked the Santa, Flower and cracker

Always wanted to see under the church

Thank You very much that was just so Wow! And so different, something like that elsewhere you would have to pay at least £10 to get into. I don’t know how you do it for free. Amazing !


Really Fantastic, gutted I cant stay longer

Very weird but really enjoyed it

Loved the snowflake, Robot Santa and the flower pot baubles

An amazing event and the best gift shop excellent value for money

My favorites are the Mirror light boxes and the skeleton in the front entrance


Cracker was great and loved the red laser lights in the corridor

Illumini never disappoints, great information on the walls, love the historical concepts of the Illumini projects, makes them very interesting for old folk like me , Illumini;s oldest Fan x

Better than the James Turrell exhibition !

Really loved and such great fun

I like x

Awesome Thank you the children and I will come again

Thank You , Thank You Thank You beautiful

Never seen my nan and grandpa have such great fun, you would think they was 12 ha ha

Went to the last Illumini Event truly amazing this one is so different but in some ways even better loved it

My friend brought me to see this grotto, was not sure what to expect what a fantastic surprise

We came for our christmas party had such great fun , made xmas cards and snow flakes . Thank you

Thank you for your wonderful exhibition

Thank You Jane Webb for making our Christmas special

Of all the crypts, in all the churches, in all the towns, in all the world, we had to walk into yours! And it was brilliant

Truly amazing such an unusual display. Loved it all, but especially the snowflake machine and advent calendar.

Does the Father Christmas Robot have his own Blog? He is amazing

Loved it Santa scared me but the kids loved him and their free gifts thank you

Excellent and original exhibition

Great event friendly artists and even got to meet the curator . Who is actually very cool

I have had a truly excellent time here today

It was like walking into Narnia totally amazing

Love it

en lighting !

Brill Merry Xmas

Cant wait to what Illumini thinks of next. I am your no.1 fan been to them all Brilliant

That was fantastic Thank you Very much

Loved it all not sure about the pink flapping skull though, bit scary for a xmas event

I thank you for having the ethos of a free fun art event, so people can come and visit your exhibitions, at no cost. Its all inclusive Thank You

Interesting facts about Christmas. illumini always creates a great event. When is the next one Jane

I hope Illumini gets the funding it so rightly deserves so that the public can continue to visit your unique free amazing events

Truly Excellent. I could not have wished for a more enjoyable time. Especially in a crypt!

A very unique experience

Lovely and different exhibition, love the snow flake, Taz’s work and Susan Eyres work. Thanks Ellen

Crazy and cool

Best fun i have had in ages. never been to an art event and had fun more please Illumini

I liked every single bit of this exhibition

Wow amazing what you can do with flower pots

Loved the susan piece, where you looked through the whole, A total winter wonderland hidden inside

I loved the snow flake guys work Thanks

Every Crypt should have an Illumini Event

Truly brilliant not sure what psycho grass and NK guy photos had to do with Christmas though the other work fitted in much better . Personally thought the snowflake was the best ! Thank you for an interesting afternoon

Thank You for a most wonderful experience the children and I utterly loved the interaction . Well be back again!

Really good, spooky, exciting and very cool Thank you

Loved Santa and the pink Skull fairy

Very unusual displays thank you

What’s happening to the Robot Santa after the event? Love your work Jane

Xmas started as soon as we walked to the entrance . Thank you

What a superb exhibition! Very well thought out and a fabulous use of the space. Thank You

Santa was never like this when I was young! Great modern version Jane. JBT

Good Luck and God bless Thank you

Beautiful curated and free

Unique Event. Robot Santa a little scary but couldn’t resist starring at him for a good 10 minutes I swear he moved

Really nice exhibition

I really like the moving red dots

Really lovely and good fun Thank You Jane Webb.

More more more, where underground are you taking us next Illumini

loved everything, but the crypt-mas fairy was too scary, it was the noise sorry

Letters sent by Visitors

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to drop you a line after all the Christmas madness and say how much we loved Crypt-mas. I have 5 kids aged between 2yrs and 13yrs so finding something that they all enjoy is very rare. But all of them loved your light spectacular. My oldest stroppy 13 year old loved being in the crypty & said it was ‘sick’, the others loved the interactive advent calendar, snowflake, Father Cryptmas… well all of it really!  It really was an amazing & magical experience for all of us. I also wanted to say just how friendly everyone was. Normally when you turn up anywhere with kids (let alone 5 in tow!) especially to an art exhibition, people throw their hands up or start following us around to make sure we don’t break or touch something! The people at the show were so welcoming, friendly and great at engaging with the kids – a complete breath  of fresh air! I hope you get lots more funding to do loads more exhibits because we loved this one and would love to come along to more. Good luck with future projects & thanks for making the start of the Christmas holidays with the kids great fun! Best Wishes Gemma


Just a quick email to tell you how much I and my daughter (4 ½ yrs) enjoyed the Ilumini Crypt-mas event on our visit yesterday. We particularly enjoyed the installation by Matthew Venn where we produced our own digital snow flake, the brilliant red dot laser lights that flickered around, and finally, the Malcolm Litson’s amazing interactive video wall advent calendar. I will be spreading the word of others to visit.


Keith Simmonds

Came along to the Cryptmas opening last night. Loved it! All the best Steve

Blog comments

A Whole Different Experience

On the same day as my disastrous visit to the Serpentine Gallery I also experienced the rather unusual Crypt-mas presented by Illumini. This exhibition is taking place in St Pancras Church, London and is an alternative art experience themed around Christmas.

The exhibition was in complete contrast to its predecessor. Set in an underground mass of stone corridors and eerie caves, the visitor is taken on an exceptional journey. The artworks incorporated lots of colour and light, making the dark backdrop the perfect accompaniment. Some works were given their own space in separate dungeon like rooms, whereas others were hanging along the stone walls, breaking up the sections perfectly and grouping together related pieces.

The art works are produced by many different individual artists, making for an interesting and creative range. This also means that many different mediums are used throughout the gallery, keeping the display diverse and rich in individuality.

The main thing I have to say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, it was completely different to any other ‘art gallery’ I have ever been to, and frankly it was nice to see someone thinking outside the box with the gallery setting, and how this was used to represent the art works on display. The crypt definitely showcased the pieces brilliantly, as they stood out far better than they could in another normal art gallery, as a viewer my eyes and therefore my interest were completely drawn to each item on display.

Overall the experience was extremely enjoyable and I can recommend all ages visit as I believe there is something for everyone. It is clear that the organisers of Illumini’s events are doing an excellent job!

Earlier today I headed out into the cold to visit the new alternative art show from Jane Webb and her collaborators, the Illumini Crypt-mas exhibition , which you’ll find occupying the maze of passages under St Pancras Church on the Euston Road in London.

Crypt-mas features Jane’s own work (including a rather borg-like robotic Santa) as well as ‘Christmas Morning’, a collection of beautiful, anemone-like pieces by Lionel Dean that subtly change colour, Judy Foote’s delightful ‘Crackers’, Dorota Kuzniar’s delicate arrangement, ‘All The Trimmings!’, and lots more besides.

If you like your art a bit edgy and subversive then this is the exhibition for you – the only way that I can describe it is to say that it comes across as simultaneously festive and sinister, probably due to the tombstones that are liberally scattered around the space and the influence of Vinay Hathi’s ‘Crypt-mas Fairy’, which you’ll find fluttering its macabre wings in a distant corner…

I highly recommend a visit – the exhibition is free and runs from 11am to 7pm every day up to and including 22 December. I should just mention that Jane’s projects don’t receive any funding from the Arts Council or similar bodies, so can I encourage you to take along a few pounds to buy some of the festive merchandise, which will help further Illumini events to take place. The bar of Crypt-mas chocolate that’s on sale would make for a very unusual stocking filler, for example…

Press for Illumini Crypt-mas

2010 Time out Critics choice (no.2 of top 5 things to do in London at Christmas ( image father Crypt-mas)
2010 Crane TV interview at Crypt-mas
2010 Fame Magazine- Illumini
2010 Smoke radio Interview
2010 The guardian- Crypt-mas
2010 The Independent on Sunday- Crypt-mas
2010 LBC 97.3 FM live interview at Crypt-mas event
2010 BBC Film crew Interview
2010 Interview with Croydon TV at Illumini Crypt-mas
2010 BBC London live radio interview on Illumini illuminating art underground events
2010 Ham & High- Crypt-mas

London Hot five


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Take to the ice with one of the most impressive skating backdrops in town.
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illuminated robot santa by Jane Webb


Illumini presents Crypt-mas
A Christmas grotto for adults set in a maze and starring a robotic Santa.
Read more

Illumini presents Crypt-mas

The Crypt, St Pancras Church, Euston Rd, NW1 2BA Full details & map

Around Town: Participation

Critics’ choice
Family Friendly

Time Out says

An alternative Christmas grotto set in a maze of subterranean spaces, featuring illuminated wall projections and an art installation starring a robotic Santa. The event has been designed for all ages, and there are workshops for visiting children. A Must this Christmas.

Sponsor for Illumini Crypt-mas

Illumini Crypt-mas, as been kindly supported and sponsored by the following:

Christmas Time UK is kindly providing Illumini with a white Christmas.

We specialise in Christmas Trees Christmas Fairy Lights and Christmas Decorations not only at
Christmas but every day from our online Christmas Shop… Our huge range of Christmas Decorations and decorative Christmas Lights is the most comprehensive you will find online, and all available for immediate delivery! If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will be more than happy to source all of your Christmas Decoration requirements no matter how small or vast your budget.

Cocoo designs have kindly supported Illumini and provided all the design and graphics for promotional products including, leaflets , banners, posters and event program.
Cocoo’s aim is to offer high quality artwork and design at a competitive price. Specialising in card construction, packaging art work, illustration, product mock-up, page layout and all your design needs. Providing a friendly and creative service. Cocoo are very interested in working within the arts industry and happy to collaborate. For more details click the logo or visit:

Illumini’s Crypt-mas underground Grotto will be experienced by Energizer torchlight. Energizer brings power to Illumini and battery operated works will be powered by Energizer batteries. This Christmas make sure not to forget your batteries and get powered by Energizer. Illumini would like to thank our continued Sponsor for their support in all our community projects.

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The Glow Company are kindly supporting Illumini with glow sticks for the event. They are also offering every Illumini guest a free gift and torch when they purchase anything on their web site and 10% of the purchase will also be donated to Illumini. This offer is valid as of now and all you have to do is use the code Illumini .

The Glow Company UK are dedicated in offering innovative, practical & fun products that glow, flash, shine or glow in the dark coupled with great service. They aim to constantly provide new products based on various forms of current & new technology including chemicaluminescence, photoluminescence, & electroluminescence. Offering a widening range of glow products to members of the public & also wholesale .

Homebase have generously provided materials for the Illumini Crypt-mas Event.

Shop online at, the online shopping site of Homebase, for all your Home Enhancement and DIY needs. At Homebase, you have a large choice of products to cover all your kitchen, bathroom, furniture and homewares requirements across 13 categories. Whether you are looking for dining room furniture, a new sofa, or to install a new kitchen, Homebase can help you make your house a home. The Homebase website can also help you check all the latest prices, check your product is in stock at your local store, make a purchase and even find out where your local store is.

JPS is the printer for illumini’s large banners and have kindly donated their time and services to this event. Large format printing for banners and posters. Very friendly service highly recomended for quality, price and advice
JPS promise is….


Junes Craft Bittz have kindly supported Illumini, by providing die cut shapes for the children’s workshops

The place to shop for all your craft needs, with making your own cards for birthdays or Christmas time. A friendly family run business, who believes that the customers needs are of the utmost importance. They are totally committed to meeting those needs. with a high percentage of regular customers and referrals. On-line shop and friendly service.

KAVE have generously supported all of Illumini events this year and are supplying the Crypt-mas event with scenery materials.

KAVE Theatre Services occupy a building complex of about 6,000 sq. ft. from which they operate successful sales, hire, service and installation departments. They can provide lighting, sound, effects equipment, rigging and even special effects make up, for stage and film.

Longvalley Packaging Limited has kindly supported Illumini, with donating a large block of Polstyrene, for Illumini artist to carve and use at this event. They are the largest Expanded Polystyrene packaging product manufacturer in East London and are the only company to manufacture moulded EPS products in London.

The company was established over 25 years ago and specialises in the manufacture in Expanded Polystyrene Products supplying to customer requirements, in any quantities from one to a million. We can now supply computer controlled Polystyrene (EPS) cutting machines.

The company is able to offer, in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 from its 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space and highly qualified and trained staff, very prompt collection and delivery service, in some cases it is possible to make a collection on the day of ordering even for tailor made item.

Smiffy’s have generously sponsored Illumini in kind. Smiffy’s is one of the leading fancy dress companies in the UK today. The heart of Smiffy’s business lies in the core manufacture and distribution of costumes, accessories and wigs .Founded in 1894, Smiffy’s have been trading for 112 years and in that time have gone from a small factory in Gainsborough, UK, to a global organisation with offices and showrooms worldwide in the USA, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Dublin and the UK.

Photographs are copyright. Thanks to photographers Alan Parish

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