During my career I have had the pleasure of mentoring many artists. Since 2019: I have been working for the University of the Arts, London, as a mentor. It’s been an amazing opportunity and very rewarding to be able to help students at the start of their career.

I also run a not-for-profit art organisation that creates large scale light art events in subterranean places. I have mentored a large number of artists through the organisation. I support artists from any background and at any stage of their career.

I enjoy sharing my professional knowledge and expertise in the arts with mentees that are passionate about their work. I remember how hard it was starting off myself, I had no mentor so learnt the hard way. I enjoy being able to advise creatives so they don’t have to make the mistakes I made and get a good head start. It’s important to empower the mentee to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal challenges.

If you are looking for a mentor within the arts, prop making, curator or events organising industry, please get in contact for my availability.

Mentoring is done on a one to one basis and appointments can be every week or every fortnight. These can be in person, via skype, email or phone or a combination of these to suit your schedule.

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