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Presents – ‘Secret subterranean London’  2010

2010 secret subterranean London hit record numbers, over 5,000 people turned up for the opening night and 9,247 visitors experienced the Illumini Experience . Free entertainment were everyone was welcome with live acts such as: stilt walkers, light shows, performance artists, tarot reading, visitors could travel back in time with historical costumed performers and many other surprises. The week long event included art exhibitions (illuminating artwork), talks, tours, workshops and performances in other underground spaces opened to the public. 

Illumini event 2010 light art festival by Jane Webb

Have you ever wondered what secret tunnels and buildings are hidden under the city streets?

At this free event there is underground vaults that have transformed with illuminating art, performance, historical information and props, workshops and talks on historical underground London from museums, historians, and authors. There will even be tours of subterranean locations that are being opened up to the public just for this event. Other talks will include artists who use illumination, including the history of the magic lantern.

There is also a program of workshops and talks designed to help artists in their career paths, which will be run alongside the event. All talks will be free for anyone to attend.

You can even take your own personal tour. By using a clever application designed for Illumini Event by Martin Rieser. Using GPS and QR code reading, participants can use their mobile phone like a douser to discover a hidden underground world, which will correspond to real underground locations in Shoreditch and will be aligned with the sites of past events. You can then use the Riverain’s overheard tales to map those sites and find clues and directions to others. You can participate as a team or an individual.

Program of Events

Historical Talks & Tours

Tour of Shoreditch Church Crypt, by Torch light 10.45 am Friday 10 Sept also Tues 14th Sept 2 pm and Wed 15th Sept 2-15 pm Free

This tour will be by courtesy of Rev’d Paul Turp who has a broad and intimate knowledge of the rich and resonant history of this – The Actor’s Church – place of burial of many of the most significant figures of Elizabethan and Shakespearean theatre. The crypt can be claustrophobic to some and retains something of the dust and darkness of a unique site of centuries old subterranean character, so please wear comfortable clothing and foot wear and bring a torch.

The Occult World of Subterranean LondonFri 10th Sept 11 am Free

Creator of The Intuitive Tarot, Cilla Conway, will be reading tarot on the opening night and talking about Occult London as part of the Subterranean London Illumini exhibition.The talk will cover where to meet druids, witches and wizards; how to find good tarot readers; the hidden, occult places of London, and more.

“Crypts, Creatures and Caverns: the Folklore of Subterranean London.” on Fri 10th Sept 2 pm Free By Scott Wood

Dark,tales of London’s lost grottos and caverns, strange sewer creatures, urban legends and panics and ghostly goings-on in crypts and catacombs. Scott is a London walks guide, runs the South East London Folklore Society and writes the regular  Fortean London column for Londonist.

Subterranean City on Fri 10th Sept 5 pm Free

Antony Clayton, author of Subterranean City (now in its 2nd revised edition) will talk about various aspects of the inverted city beneath our streets such as lost rivers, sewers, underground railways and government bunkers. The talk will also uncover some of the colourful folklore of underground London including legends of secret tunnels and passages. There is also the opportunity to buy a signed copy of the new book after the talk.

Living London uncovers the mysteries that lie beneath us. Sat 11th Sept at 11 am Free

Living London will give a free talk on Subterranean London. Find out about secret tunnels and rooms that exist in our city. The talk will explore many locations, uncovering the mysteries, they lie beneath us.There will also be a guided tour arranged for the 15th Sept, please see other listing 

‘Eighth Wonder of the world’ on Sat 11th Sept 2 pm Free

Brunel’s Tunnel was designed to move cargo under the Thames, but opened as a banquet hall, shopping arcade and underwater fairground. Now part of the London Overground, this is the oldest tunnel in the oldest metro system in the world. Robert Hulse, Director of The Brunel Museum, tells the story of what the Victorians called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’.

Special event: Sat 11th Sept & Sun 12th Sept Tours of the Grand Entrance Hall of The Thames Tunnel Tickets £5

Crawl through a short tunnel to descend by temporary staircase into a subterranean amphitheatre, half the size of Shakespeare’s Globe, but hidden underground. The Grand Entrance Hall once echoed to the sound of fairground entertainers but for 140 years has lain forgotten and entirely inaccessible. Illumini will present artists Genetic Moo, who will be the first artist’s to exhibit in this space for over 140 years.

“What lurks beneath – spirits and spectres of subterranean London” on sat 11th Sept 4.30 pm Free

Are spirits still imprisoned in the underground cells of the House of Detention? Who is the actor that haunts the tunnels of Covent Garden station and do ghosts still roam the secret labyrinths beneath the streets of London? In this talk, Rosie Murdie, ghost investigator and member of The Ghost Club will tell some of the ghostly tales associated with subterranean City of London.

Post Office underground miniature Train on sun 12th Sept 11 am Free

Chris Taft, the curator of The Postal Museum and Archives, will give a talk on the post office miniature underground railway, which was used to carry post through central London. The talk will also including rare footage of the underground railway and the train, which is now no longer used.

Mysteries & ghosts of London Underground sun 12th Sept 3.30 pm Free

A talk from a member of London Underground Staff, covering the baffling mysteries & ghosts in the dark dank recesses of London’s Subterranean Tube System

Silver Vaults Tue 14th 11 am Free by Rebecca Steiner

Rebecca will reveal the history and secrets of one of London’s oldest trades, taking visitors on a virtual tour through the underground jewelers workshops of Hatton Garden. Here we will see how some of the most illustrious gems are forged carefully by hand, using tools and techniques that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

Empire of Shadows Tue 14th Sept 1.30 pm Free by Patricia Smyth

This talk explores Victorian London’s criminal underworld through contemporary representations and popular melodramas in which the metropolis was reproduced on-stage. It will investigate the notorious subterranean locations believed to be occupied by a vast criminal and outcast population.

‘Into the Belly of the Beast: Exploring London’s Sewers’ Tue 14th 4 pm Free By Paul Dobraszczyk

This talk will consider the allure of London’s sewers, past and present. It will cover early explorations of these secretive spaces – from the poet Ben Johnson to the Victorian journalist John Hollingshead – to the present day activity of ‘draining’. Drawing on the speaker’s own experiences and richly illustrated with photographs, this talk will appeal to all those fascinated with London’s underbelly.

A Walk ‘Living London uncovers the mysteries that lie beneath us’ first walk at 11 am on the 15th Sept, and the 2nd at 2 pm at Embankment station. £5

See the clues that show us the extent of the Thames in the early 19th century; secret government tunnels and the deepest underground station in central London; find the doors that lead to secret tunnels; hear about the bodies that no longer lie underneath the Abbey and what is that huge brown concrete block on the edge of Horse guards Parade for?  A fascinating walk that will have you asking “what’s beneath me?” for weeks to come.

Artist’s Talks & Workshops

A series of workshops and talks will be held for creative individuals at this years Illumini Event, all talks are free

The Light at the End of the Tunnel. Mon 13th 11 am free Facilitated by Diane Parker and Deborah Henry-Pollard

How do you be creative under the pressures of day to day life?
•  How do you focus on one great idea when you have dozens flying around in your head?
•  At the other end of the scale, how do you break out of a creative block? This workshop, which will combine fun and good sense, will give you some tools and insights to use when you find yourself hitting a creative brick wall. We will use interactive processes, games and exercises, so come in comfy clothes and prepared to participate fully! The workshop is for anyone who wants to embrace and develop their creativity, at whatever level and in whatever medium. The workshop will run for 2 hours.

Talk on the 13th Sept 2 pm Free

Elpida Hadzi Vasileva will talk about her national and international artistic practice and her role as an advocate and adviser for AIR – Artists Interaction and Representation, the UK’s largest membership and representative body for visual and applied artists. 

Art proposal &submission tips. Mon 13th Sept 4.30 pm Free

Illumini Light art event

The founder of Illumini, Jane Webb will do a workshop for artist’s on submitting to art exhibitions. Illumini noticed nearly 80% of artists lack the knowledge of sending in a good submission. This talk will give tips and useful information that will get you noticed next time you apply to an exhibition. 

‘Shed Light on Copyright’ on Wed 15th 4 pm Free By own-it

An introduction to law for artists whose artistic practices are outside the more traditional, such as conceptual, appropriation or installation art. Do installations attract copyright? How can you protect your work from being copied or stolen even if it’s just an idea to be executed by others? How can you ensure it is properly displayed and you are credited? What do you need to look out for in contracts? Do you need permission to display or perform your work? This seminar will introduce you to the finer aspects of copyright law and show you ways of protecting your work. Don’t miss an interesting discussion.

Musion Academy Wed 15th Sept 11 am Free

Musion will be giving a range of talks on their holographic projection system, artist talks and networking sessions. More details to be confirmed

Creative Capital Wed 15th 2 pm Free

The talk will focus on surviving the first year or two after graduation, some tips and tricks plus what the organisation itself offers in supporting emerging designers and artists.

Artists for Illumini Event 2010

JANE WEBB Founder/Curator

‘Communication Overload’
200 feet below street level lies Kingsway Telephone Exchange, built in 1940, as a secret government telecommunication centre. Telephone Exchange operators controlled the telecommunication, through conversation in millions of wires and tubing, stretching for miles beneath our feet.


‘Hidden Labyrinth’
This series of images depicts the hidden labyrinth of Drains and sewers, which run beneath our cities. The images are captured using artificial lighting such as torches or off camera flash. Only a select few get to see these spaces.


‘Put The Light Out !

We would like to focus on the blitz as a historical timeframe; transforming a tube station into the last place for refuge, it was the most obvious and popular place for resting under the blitz and staying underground during the raid you could escape from the brutality of life at street level.

ART ] ICULATING HISTORY Alexander Small & Jonathan Alibone

In 1953, the ancient Roman remains of the Temple of Mithras were discovered on what was once the east bank of the river Walbrook, one of the historic lost rivers of London.  Invictus (‘unconquered’) is an installation that incorporates light, sound and movement.

KJ BARHAM (Props & Special effects)

“The end of the Road”
What ever happens to us in life, there is only one guarantee, at some point we will die. And when you reach this impasse in life there is normally just one place you end up, the morgue. 

My work aims to highlight the last acts of respect given to a human before they are laid in their final resting place.


‘Half Life’
Plague pits, such as the one in the Crypt, have long been a source of morbid fascination and anxiety due to the fears that there is still a risk of communicable disease for exhumation. “Half Life’ is a meditation on this anxiety – a cross of blood filled vials symbolizing our mortality and the fragility of our existence, where religion and science can never offer us total comfort.


‘Let there be Light’

The head-stones are to symbolise the resting place of 557 people; dating from 1822 to 1854, buried in St Pancras Church crypt. Consisting of 557 specks of light filtering through.


‘Vital Signs’

The installations are metaphors for ‘Dead Man’s Hole’ mortuary under Tower Bridge, used to retrieve corpses from the Thames: suicides or bodies thrown into the river from the Tower and surrounding districts. The bodies were stored in a mortuary below stone steps to the river until removed for burial.The only underground mortuary in London in modern times has recently been completed below a gothic lodge in Tottenham Cemetery


‘Night Flight’
A poetic interpretation of the cabinet war room’s map room. During World War II, Bellerophon mounted on the winged horse Pegasus was adopted as the emblem of the airborne forces: the symbol of a warrior arriving at a battle by air was the same tactics used by the paratroopers.’Night Flight’ is an installation that recycles paper maps, a parachute and uses origami folding techniques and light to create a constellation night scene.


‘Retracing Lost Rivers’
Below London lie numerous historical rivers entirely encased under the surface in concrete. Fragment of Rivers Fleet, Tyborne and Westbourne will be reinterpreted through an animated projection using 3D modeling, recycled maps, images, text and drawing creating an imaginative journey through hidden layers of London’s watery subterranean history


‘Like Swift Mercury Beneath Our Feet’

Richard will be exhibiting a prop, of a world War II bomb, similar to one he created in the picture. Also creating a sculpture which represents the front of a mail train that runs under the streets of London

The piece is brought to life by the addition of an eye headlamp and the flickering blue lighting that plays around its edges hinting at the raw power that drives the beast.

SAMIRA ENGLUND (Artist & Prop Maker)

I started working on Remains after yet another attic clean-out. Standing in piles of stuff I felt a familiar (and somewhat perverse) relief in throwing things away. I then decided to gather the unwanted little things – mine and others – to give them endless life as ornaments on a coffin – where they in turn become the story of a life.


‘Ghosts of Pete Townsends Guitars’
The Round house was a technological marvel used in Victorian days to reverse trains. After years of disuse, in 1967 the dilapidated building was turned into a music venue. The Who played there. Pete Townsend nearly always smashed his guitar at the end of gigs. These pieces represent the ghosts of the instruments which were destroyed.


In 1888, women who walked the streets of East London were targeted by a serial killer, Jack the Ripper. “Endgame” speaks to the anguish of those caught up in his deadly game. The work is particularly relevant to Shoreditch Town Hall, as it was the site of the judicial Inquest of Mary Jane Kelly, one of his last victims

FOCAR GROUP Alina tudor & Razvan Neagoe

‘Steps to identity’
Greenwich passage reveals itself as a corridor animated by the human crowds, a hallway loaded with different silhouettes, some in a hurry, some relaxed, but all and each one of them adding to the identity imprint of this place with every step laid here.The installation will be displaying a projection of lights through cut out silhouettes.


‘Animacules- the drop of water’
In 1858, the stench of sewage from the Thames drove Parliament to improve London’s system of sanitation. The Times called the crisis “The Great Stink”. The quality of the water was so low that it inspired a cartoon entitled “MONSTER SOUP commonly called THAMES WATER.”This was the starting point for our work. By shining light on the disc, you will entice various mutated creatures, which we call animalcules, to the surface.


‘of the space we occupy’
The use of the underground through generations, as a place of sanctuary.A City population retreated and emerging throughout the decades, into and out of the depths of the city, using the underground infrastructure as a place of sanctuary. The dense opaqueness of the copper when fired in the kiln with the glass represents the concrete walls, the translucent lit faces, the population, and the corroded metal frames, the infrastructure beneath the city.


‘Reflecting Eliza’
Covent Garden Flower Cellars is historically London’s most famous flower market. Now a renowned crafts market, my work represents both the past and present function of this venue. Crafted from copper and steel, these organic forms reflect through illumination an echo of the Victorian past where floral adornment was of daily importance. The Cellars were at the heart of trading activity with new stock arriving throughout each night. These forms suggest flowers in the dark before being presented in their full glory by traditional flower girls of the era.


Roentgenizdat is the practice of imprinting an audio track on to discarded x-ray plates to then be played on a record player or gramophone, developed by underground music pirates in the Soviet Union during the 1950s until it was made illegal by the Kremlin in 1959. The name roentgenizdat comes from the combination of roentgen ray (another word for X-ray) and samizdat (“self-published”, or underground literature).


What we value we keep hidden, and what we keep secret we seek to protect.

What secrets were kept to protect England in the 1940’s until well after the cold war? What happened to the stories of the Official Secrets Act?

Recreating a room in the M16 underground chambers that housed the Official Secrets Act, you are invited to discover and record the secrets of another time and another life where your input can affect the future of what lies underground.


‘Visual polyphony ‘

I build my works on thoughts and their appropriated underlying principles. The search for and understanding of thoughts and underlying principles are my primary concern, because this provides the possibility of giving a personal visual answer and of extending and enriching visual presentation.

In my reading, this means that underlying principles can be built into any thought and can be expressed in any formal language

Liz Murfitt

There are many subterranean beer and wine cellars in London, but some are more than just a cool storage area, for example: the Mason’s Arms, the London Apprentice and the Morpeth Arms are all reputed to have tunnels leading from their cellars to, respectively, the Tyburn gallows, All Saints church and the Millbank Penitentiary. One of these is also said to be haunted.A beer/wine cellar of a 17 th century inn will be recreated in the exhibition space and my work will depict the “ghosts” of some of the characters (from all walks of life) who may have inhabited such places.

KATE O’MOLLOY (Prop Maker)

‘Faces of the Past’
What happens to those who get lost on their final journey to the after life? Stuck somewhere between life and death slowly decaying it the living dead. The London Necropolis is the subterranean passage where these lost souls are left to wander historical dark underground spaces for eternity. Works exploring modeling and mould making to recreate the faces of the dead but not forgotten.



Upon death we lose consciousness and our materials bodies undergo change. And yet what happens to our energies, experiences and memories? What is our consciousness and where does it go? Can the quantum world of tiny things and uncertain clouds explain our very presence?


‘why war ,pain and hopeless on both sides’
Eckard was influenced by the Illumini Event theme, not only is he a performance artist that use illumination, but the connection with underground war bunkers in London, had a strong influence. Eckhard personally experienced the pain and distress of war. Leaving pain and tears with all countries involved. He has produced a video and animation of a personal response to war, asking the question Why?

ABBY PRICE (Prop Maker)

‘The Dead Train’
The Necropolis Railway, carried dead people in coffins to the final destination. Do train tracks carry the ghostly imprints of their now non-existent loads? If the prop has a purpose does it become more real than that which is represents? A work exploring modelling, paint effects and the nature of what they create.


‘Camden//Basin (2010)’
My current practice explores the notion of Foucault’s ‘heterotopia’; those spaces which exist within the everyday yet are somehow disconnected and disparate. Using London’s canals and rivers as an example of ‘other’, I am concerned with how the identity of these spaces shifts with changes in light .


‘The Things We Found In The Aftermath’

“Lucy Sparrow’s collection of artifacts made out of various textiles. Found objects discovered in the crumbling rubble of old air raid shelters. Ration books, Brodie helmets and woolen gas masks litter the floor illuminated by torchlight.”


`Being Sane in Insane Places’
This is about being in a dark place psychologically and physically and imagining. It poses the question as to whether we can distinguish the sane from the insane. The playwright Nathaniel Lee was incarcerated in Bedlam and said `They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me,’


‘Untitled 2010’

‘Untitled (2010)’ was made with the program that allows whole LED’s turn on and off with different pace. Some lights turn on while others turn off, so that the on lights indicate active, in-use stations. On the other hand, off lights represent closed and abandoned ones .


‘Terminal’ 2010, from the ‘Body Snatcher’ Series.
Smoke-a-graph body prints are presented in light boxes, and represent makeshift coffins.

The prints capture an isolated scene, a moment in time, in a way that is far more personal than a photograph because flesh has been imprinted onto the glass to leave a direct residue that forms the image of itself. The viewer is afforded the voyeuristic opportunity to see what is inside the coffin and is invited to wonder what that person did when they were alive; who that person really was. They offer a window into a concealed and mysterious world that is closer to us than we care to acknowledge.The London Necropolis railway transported the dead and mourners from an overcrowded London to Brookwood cemetery from 1854 to 1941. ‘Terminal’ highlights the link between the end of life and the end of the line



The flowers present, will reflect the ghosts of flowers past, the echoes of the industry.The spirit of time of the Covent garden flower cellars.


When the Isle of Wight converted their steam trains to electric ones in 1966, they chose the old London underground tube trains. Despite not being designed to see the light of day, the trains have survived a regular battering from the waves at high tide, as ½ mile of the track is on the old Victorian Pier at Ryde.


‘The Dead Train’

The Vaults under London Bridge station, was once the waiting room for the dead. The Necropolis Railway, carried coffins to the final destination. Nik Vaughn a professional mural painter, will create a new piece of work, a scene that, takes you back to an average day of death, on The Necropolis Railway.


‘ The Drowned World  2010 ‘

Illuminated bio resin puddles subvert the conventions of reflection; images of London appear distorted and displaced from our reality as they sit on the under surface, fragmented and eminating light. They do not reflect their surroundings, but depict the residual memory of the city’s water in the form of its environment, closing the space between above and below


‘3-D Stereoscopic Installation with Warp-Core’
The theme of the photographic work is subterranean life in London and includes photos of underground spaces. Stereoscopic photographs with viewers on telescopic stands and illuminated by a light sculpture, has been designed to engage the viewer through both stereoscopic photographs and the independent beauty of the sculpture itself.


Ghost whisper’

Intrigued by the often visceral presence of previous encounters, ‘Whisper’ shows a dialogue between two individuals played out through the breath. The work is inspired by stories of haunted underground stations with ghosts such as the actor William Terris thought to haunt the station of Covent Garden. Making visible the trace of this exchange allows us to contemplate the rich history of these subterranean spaces.

Performance Artists for Illumini Event 2010


Cool Britannia
Oh blighty these ladies make an entrance!Corseted and commanding, Cool Britannia never fails to wow the crowd.

From their sumptuous Vivienne Westwood-inspired gowns down to the elegant button of their boots, our patriotic pretties always put on a jolly good show.

Why don’t you come and join the party and at the same time learn about some of the secret subterranean treasure, that helped win the war.


‘The Moth’
“Inspired by both the movement of the moth itself, and the position of the Serpentine dance as one of the first films by the Lumière brothers. The dancer in this film, Loie Fuller, herself held many patents related to stage lighting: including chemical compounds for creating color gel and the use of chemical salts for luminescent lighting. Using modern techniques, I intend to incorporate light into my movement in an up-to-date way to create a dynamic and contemporary piece that also retains elements of timelessness.”


The Illegible Bachelor is a poet who seeks to catch the running commentary of life as it passes. He has an abiding interest in voices and performance, not so much as a standard stand-up or slam poet, more as a dramatic giving back of the sound and nature of things. This performance is based around a series of dramatic poems written from the perspective of characters who could have inhabited The Clerkenwell House of Detention, The Necropolis Railway and a few other locations. The aim is to give speech to lost voices inspired by these historic places and create a dynamic atmosphere suitable for these environments.


‘illuminated juggling & Magic’
The Circus Company are back for Illumini 2010, to dazzle and amaze you with their glow performances, illuminated juggling, contact ball, diablo and much more.

Magic, from the Circus Company, outstanding performance of ‘street magic’ where their ‘close-up’ magic leaves people astounded!


‘The Occult World of Subterranean London’
Creator of The Intuitive Tarot, Cilla Conway, will be reading tarot on the opening night. Tarot has a long and interesting past in subterranean London – literally, as well as in the wider sense of the word. In the early 1900s, Arthur Waite, arch-magician Aleister Crowley, and other members of The Golden Dawn met regularly in the basement of Atlantis Bookshop in Holborn. Later on, in the 1950s, it was the turn of Gerald Gardner, Madeleine Montalban and other luminaries. Watkins Bookshop in Leicester Square also has a basement which, legend tells, was also frequented by Crowley.


Live stone statue who will meet and greet you . A Unique performance set inside a Picture Frame. The Self portrait of the artist comes to life, when guests walk past.


A Magic Lantern Show
Let Professor Grymm and Doctor Tooms transport you back to the Victorian era with a light show from bygones times. With the aid of Mr Joseph Swan’s Incandescent light bulb and a series of hand-tinted glass slides the world can be brought to your parlor in glorious full colour. They will be presenting, for one night only, the stirring Melodrama of one woman’s courage when faced with a shipwreck outside her seaside cottage. This will be followed by the True History of the one and only Emperor of the United States (and Protector of Mexico).


‘Bubble of Love’
A beautiful, strange, surreal act that mixes physical contortion and light manipulation, all inside a giant bubble. Be prepared to be taken on a journey that is unusual yet ethereal


The Whale of Light
A 10-minute shadow puppetry piece that starts in the abyss of the deep ocean, moving to the surprising creation of creatures made of light moved by impulses given from music and voice.


‘Miss Havisham’
Catrin Osborne magically brings to life one of Dickens most inspired creations who went on to become one of the most loved characters in literature. Miss Haversham is a fully interactive experience, who can transport the public into her dust filled house of stopped clocks and spider infested cakes.


‘Undertaker & Creature of the Grave’

Actor and make up artist, will be recreating the Necropolis Railway Undertaker, where coffin tickets where only sold as singles. No return needed for these unlucky people going to the cemetry.

Also performing as a creature from the grave, be careful while visiting the crypts, you may just find him escaping from a coffin.


Spin 8′
A evolving art form pushing the boundaries of kinetic art .Artist Rick Standing explores the multiple possible frequencies by spinning painted discs under two contrasting lighting conditions.Stemming from club visual entertainment his images reflect the intensity found within electronic music and his on going curious affliction with the workings of the cosmos


LED Light Performance

Energetic choreographed light show. Stunning illuminated solo hula hoop performance with an LED colour changing hoop.

Tiina is a circus art performer, specialising in hula-hoops and hand balancing and is also a member of Hoop La La, a hula-hoop performing trio who hold a Guinness World Record in professional circus performance.


‘In Between’

In between a 2D and a 3D structure. In between the light and the dark. In between the performer and the space. In between the space and the movement.  ‘In between’ is a dialogue within all these elements and paper, which reveals to be a flexible, strong structure despite its appearance of fragility.

Guest Comments for Illumini Event 2010

Comments left by guests

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Brilliant and very unique. illumini never disappoints Well done

Great exhibition. We need Illumini in Manchester Please

Spiffing stuff Thank You

Very different. How does Jane do it , Gets me ever time

Loved It

Illumini should be regularly funded, we want more -Bella from Hackney

Great Show

Great event amazing performance, not sure why there was a pool of water in one room??? Enlighten me

Very unusual and unique. Loved every minute. Friendly staff and informative

To the lady that spoke to my old dad, he loved hearing everything you said, thank you it was a very enjoyable event.

Great inspiration and space

Is this an art exhibition? Never seen anything like it this Rocks!!

Jane webb you done it again! Congratulations

Really liked very interesting

Very atmospheric. Giles- Milton Keynes ( well worth the traveling)

Fabulous Don’t stop we want more

Really interesting well done

Met the curator, and got her autograph thanks

This exhibition is marvelous Please keep me up to date of more events

Wow queues all round shoreditch, once inside I can see why , I don’t want to leave

Impressive Extraordinary high level

Innovative, engaging and fun

Different and very enjoyable

Every little details has be carefully thought through, even the ration books great idea well done

Enjoyed the interactive side of the exhibition, especially all the costumes what a great idea

Excellent exhibition, slight info overload

Amazing exhibition

Excellent Will come again- Jason

Brilliant just Brilliant

Always great fun, great light shows and performers

Very original- Irene

Loved it! Great Exhibition and art

Loved it !

Great Venue and fabulous installations

Loved the show

Interesting a real eye opener

A very good idea

Very enjoyable

Very original, particularly loved the crypt and fibre optic sculptures

Really Great – Wendy

Creepy and excellent

Superb show everything was so well done, shame the mobile art didnt actually work

Brilliant Fantastical amazing, more please!

Very Creepy

I’m a close up magician and mind reader let me know if I can help at next event- Mike

Enjoyed it great stuff- Kate St Albans

Fantastic Exhibition. Loved most of the art there just a couple that were not as good

Excellent i want more!

Loved the glowing flowers

Brilliant event in the East End bought back some memories of the good old days, thank you Miss Webb for such an enjoyable day. I wish you all the success you deserve. Maive

Very interesting enjoyed a lot thanks

Wonderful exhibition

Inspiring fantastic to see something new

Very real

Atmospheric Very interested to hear about how to get involved in future events- Kate

Loved it Thank you , some of the work took me to magic land and Loved it, please more of those.

Lovely thank you

Wonderful looking forward to xmas event

Very Good Event and enjoyed all of art work installations on display


Brilliant ! Loved it Fabulous

Amazing Talk

Details of Christmas event please this was great

Really Impressive.

Great Talks and walks and wonderful art

Very Enjoyable Thank you

Very much enjoyed the experience

Some pieces are good and thought provoking. Wall posters and info too small.

Intriguing and surprising- lisa

Bring on the tunnels- Ruth

Well done I’m so happy i had time to re visit again

Great the very best of Art

Interesting but needed more torches



Amazing stuff cant wait to see your take on christmas – debbie from Nottingham

Excellent !

Loved it !

Good ideas Love it xxx

Really enjoyed it, Pretty weird but that’s what i like, different is always a must


Absolutely fantastic, Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have done here. very interesting and beautiful arranged and lovely people working here too. Have a great day thank you

Fantastic unusual experience

Brilliant Thank you

Fab concept. keep it up

Excellent loved it Tara North wales

Some interesting pieces, atmospheric interested to hear about the shows on the future

Superb!- Malcolm

Just Brilliant Thank you

Very interesting that’s good that ever you can try costumes on and touch props


Fantastic Exhibition really enjoyed it – Yaz london

Loved the event a large amount of history i had never seen before , very interesting


Delicious can I come again

Very nice

Weird but I like it

Great Exhibits, very cool concept. I wish you much luck

The spooky photography and the war corridor was my favorite


Great Hype, Can you justify the wait?

Very Nice thanks


I loved it !

Light Fantastic

Wonderful Thank you

Fantastic events

Amazing Nick from wales

Great -David London

Keep up the good work David

Joined the queue was not sure what for. I got told off in the queue because i had not heard of Illumini . Now I can see what they mean. Illumini is really something else Thank you

Ace . Mart and Rob aged 6,7

Ghost talk Rosie was great

Great exhibition and also enjoyed the ghost talk

Really good cheers


very Very Good !

Fabulous Who is Jane Webb did she do all this??

Great space wonderful exhibit


Brilliant works fantastic atmosphere, creeped me out i loved it

very interesting all these hidden places

Wonderful look forward to the next one

Like entering a different world

stunning location, Jane really knows how to put an event together

Fantastic Talks


Great interactive event

Love Nicks photos of underground Tunnels


Wicked !!

Awesome and very interesting

Very interesting and Awesome. Thank you illumini

Illumini is brilliant

Underground. For once I can say that London Underground doesn’t annoy me . great event

Amazing I love what you guys do

Amazing -Ben

Really interesting talks and art work

Amazing show would like to visit again


Amazing we got performers, art, history, talks, tours and and most importantly the Illumini experience all for free.

Amazing show when is the next

Talks was really interesting, never known anything like this before at an event what a great idea

Excellent- Amy & Lee

Really interesting would like to see more

Enjoyed learning all about this- very clever the way its put together great artifacts and props

Very interesting – I traveled from Rome to see this



Very Interested and great event expected more lighting but still very good

Really enjoyed the exhibition and talks.

Free creative talks for artist what a great idea, why don’t more famous artist help us like Jane

Really interesting, electric and pretty cool

Very entertaining loved the talks

Brilliant selection of artists and a great atmospheric exhibition, this wont be my last visit- Simon

Thanks for a wonderful experience

Very impressive

Very interesting and informative


Very interesting and thought provoking

Wow Jane webb she win the turner prize not the crap that does

Great ghost stories

Good work well done

Very well put together my hat goes off to the curator

I like the ambience, something you don’t get at art exhibitions

Great you done it again Illumini -Suzie

Good stuff !!

Wonderful ! Very Impressed loved being able to explore and find art work, great space and ideas

Really like what you have done

Good Show

I am your number one fan my 4 visit. Is it possible to meet Jane webb?


Fantastic all of it , feel really inspired. thanx- Helene

Fantastic exhibition. very enlightening!!

Very interesting work loved it

Fascinating Event

Great collection more of these type of events needed there is something here for everyone

Amazing the world which exist below us

Is Jane webb a vampire is that why she likes dark underground spaces. She can bite me any time

Brings back many memories

especially love the light work

Loved it

Is the giant robot woman for sale?


Always such a pleasure to see such inventive. we want more well done and good luck for the next one

Beautiful exhibitions can you organise more

Really fascinating Thank you

Great Really enjoyed it- Brian

Intriguing collection of experiences worth the queue

I didn’t know what I was going to find, i found another world

Very good use of space

Great fun

Great Expo, great ambience, so many performers so much to see . didn’t expect anything like this . Its blown my mind

Wonderful even after the long queue

Very enjoyable

I thought this was great- Andy

Great -Vanessa

interesting work liked Jane webb sculpture, spider web room, great old documents. Also liked Jo Talors colorful people

Many beautiful things to see

Its like being in a sweet shop don’t know where to go next

Really fascinating

Loved the coffin

Great expectations, Everything you could wish for . Absolutely stupendous, loads of hard work and well worth it- Shelia

This event is excellent, will there be mulled wine at Crypt-mas?

Great theme, great location, great talks, some exhibits are great, need a editor for statements though. Ps Brunel tunnel tour was great- ray

The very best installations I have ever seen please do more . Thanks Andrew

That space is fantastic, recreated very well, i felt like i lived there . Bloody Marvelous

Really enjoyed please let me come to Crypt-mas

Fantastic great Art and also learnt loads. looking forward to crypt-mas

Very interesting exposition


A very unique look at the subterranean good mixture of info and art, will bring some friends back

Excellent- Brad North wales

Well done!!

8hr train journey to come and see Illumini i would do it again tomorrow if I could afford it Brilliant

Entertaining some fascinating stuff, building is as interesting as the art . One complaint appalling standard of english in many of the descriptions

Enjoyed a lot

Loved the ghost woman, was she a performer?

Superb historical insight and presentation

Great use of space

Great choice of artists and props

Great exhibition very interesting

Great deal 2 for 1 Art and history of London . Loved it !

Really well set up interesting and engaging

interesting, Inspiring, impressive, old fashioned, wild, wonderful atmosphere

Very well done Very well thought through

Very Good – Diane


AMAZING!! Thanks

That was a amazing representation, of the war time and made me feel like I was in that time, and the sounds were great

Excellent Well curated

Super and exciting

Great Thanks

Great theme and venue, well done to the team that made it happen

Excellent !

Fab event very atmospheric

Beautiful atmospheric and historical

Superb Stuff

Amazing liked everything

Enjoyed the exhibition will book the tours

Great atmosphere and interesting installations

Really Cool !

History Info was great

Very interesting indeed

Interesting would like to visit again

Great exhibition also enjoyed the tours thank you

Great Idea thank you

Fantastic stuff. im off to find the unmarked door between, 31+33 High Holborn

Fab! Richard

Wow what an eye opener

Great exhibition and very interesting a fascinating talks

Interesting at times beautiful and poetic, hope to see more

Crypt-mas sounds like fun

Very nice i like

Great talks

Fantastic exhibit and excellent way of showcasing artists, It should be a regular thing

I Love it ! its great , its art and history 2 in 1. thanks

I liked Focar and Nicolas work


Very good can I volunteer for your next project

Fantastic idea

I really like


Interesting and unique exhibition

One of the most interesting events I have ever been too. thanks

My favorite exhibition of the year Brilliant * * * * *


Would be good to see you do a halloween themed event


Very Cool

Press Coverage For Illumini event 2010

Illumini achieved a high level of press too much to add, this included radio coverage, international publications and web coverage by the following:

Time Out – Voted critics choice

Sunday Times

The Daily Mail

India Times

Art Review


QX magazine

Families East

Primary Times

1st Angel magazine

Hackney Gazette

East End Life

BBC London radio

Resonance Radio

Where London Magazine

Sponsors for Illumini Event 2010

Illumini Event 2010 presenting ‘Secret subterranean London’ as been kindly supported, funded and sponsored by the following

Arts Council England funded by the national lottery, have kindly chosen to be part of Illumini Event 2010. Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from the Government and the National Lottery, for further details of the projects they fund or for funding information please visit

Austin Funeral directors, have kindly provided Illumini with props for this event. Austin’s has a strong passion for helping the community and have not just shown that with this community project but also the family owned business,designed and built Harwood Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens in 1997, to further serve the needs of the local community.

British postal services helped to shape the modern world. The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) works to make this human story of communication, industry, and innovation accessible to everyone. They care for the visual, written and physical records of over 400 years of postal development. The BPMA is an independent charity but their history is strongly linked with that of Royal Mail Group.

Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Experience offers visitors an educational and memorable journey back to Britain ‘s Home Front during World War II. Explore the every day hardships of people living and working in war-torn Britain , including evacuation, food & clothes rationing, bomb disposal, air-raids and much more. Take the lift down into the underground shelter, where many spent sleepless nights.

The Brunel Museum is an the Brunel Engine House in Rotherhithe . The Engine House was designed by Sir Marc Isambard Brunel to be part of the infrastructure of the Thames Tunnel .It held steam-powered pumps used to extract water from the tunnel .Since 1961 the building has been used as a museum displaying information on the construction of the tunnel and the other projects by Marc and Isambard Kingdom Brunel . The Museum is located close to Rotherhithe station on what was the East London Line. The museum is open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm

The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms is one of the five branches of the Imperial War Museum . The Cabinet War Rooms are an underground complex that had been used as an operational command and control centre by the British government throughout the Second World War . The Rooms were opened to the general public in 1984. Following a major expansion in 2003, the Rooms were reopened in 2005 as the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, with the additional space developed as a biographical museum exploring the life of Winston Churchill.

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Stevenage Museum has a collection of over 18,000 photographs and 10,000 objects in its collection. Stevenage Museum have been very supportive during this project with the loan of world war II items. Their collections are made up from local people, that have donated most of the Museum’s collection. Objects can also be given to the Museum on loan for a special exhibition. This is more than a museum, its a community hub for exhibtions, events historical meetings, family activities and much more. If you do have any items made in Stevenage area or about the area. Please do get in touch with the museum they are always greatful for items being donated.

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All images are copyrighted . Thanks to photographers Vinnay Hathi, Failing Angel, Jason Williamson, Steve Kenny, Helen Warner and Jane Webb

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